The gifts continue to unfold our first full day at the Alla Arriba Retreat Center. The food is tasty, fresh, all healthy and well prepared. In the afternoon we had a “music workshop” with Alberto Kuselman and Marisa Arrieta. Alberto is in Argentina like Bono in the U.S. and is also a psychologist. He talked about the healing aspects of music and that each of us should know what songs bring us to center when we are out of balance. Do you know yours? I can’t say that I know “my” music as keenly as I need to. Alberto told us there are four channels of suffering: fear (in it’s many forms) doubt, depression/guilt and lastly creating an enemy by being unable to forgive. Then Marisa stepped in and, using the canvas labyrinth as our shared space, we did many releasing methods to clear our channels ending with small groups doing massage with one another. They were highly skilled and provided a rich experience, using progression to move us along.

In the evening we went to an Adoba, which is a special dinner—much like our Thanksgiving dinner—with grilled root vegetable and a series of meats that were out of this world! About 50 people turned up and we were served this bountiful meal on wooden platters. A clear message turned up today:  Despite all the strife and violence in the world, let there be peace in your heart. That’s where it all starts and that’s where it all ends.